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omen Veterans Connect, Inc. (WVC) is a registered nonprofit corporation in California. We're building an innovative online resource for women who have served in the United States military—one that works on their terms. The comprehensive web-based platform is designed to strengthen community partnerships and improve services and resources serving all veterans with a commitment to successful community reintegration.


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Women in the Military

Active Duty Armed Forces14%

National Guard and Reserves18%

all new recruits20%


of our nation's population serve in the military.

Women Veteran Population

California: ~185k (the 2nd largest in the nation)

Nationwide: 2.2M

8% of the veteran population

This number is projected to DOUBLE over the next 20 years.

Period of Military Service of Women Veterans

Gulf War (Post 9/11)27.7%

Gulf War (Pre 9/11)23.7%

Vietnam Era12.7%


World War II5.0%

Peacetime only27.6%

Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Women Veteran Profile, February, 2013.
Prepared by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics.

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